Training Courses


Dr. Abbas Kadhim shares his expertise with a variety of businesses and individual trainees in a number of instruction settings, including:

  • Seminars
  • Distant Training
  • Private Consulting and Briefing
  • Written Assessments and Analyses.




Iraq Orientation: On-Site Week-Long Training Course (Team of Instructors):

This is a full orientation course that includes 32 hours of training divided over five days (M – F 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.). The Course will cover a wide range of Iraqi Culture, Language, Politics, Governance, Security, Economics, Education, Social Challenges, and much more.

The Course is taught by professionals who combine advanced academic credentials and many years of in-country experience, including Iraqi natives. The course environment is an informal business setting, with a composition of PowerPoint presentations and other Multi-Media tools. Participants will have a good supply of latest literature on the topics of the course and other relevant subjects from what analysts and think-tank researchers and journalists are writing on the subjects. While these extra readings are not required for the course, which is more than enough for most participant goals & purposes, they will serve as a great supplement for participants who want more from the course, or want to expand their learning beyond the course’s scope.

The course is flexible and can be modified to fit any group’s specific needs. Certain components may be added, deleted, or substituted with something else more relevant to a particular group. Participants can take the course in Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area or anywhere else, depends on their work location. Staff and teaching team travel expenses will be added to cost if travel is required.

For more information, or to arrange for training, please contact me at: